We are as local as home.

Big Bend Woods Health and Rehabilitation has been around for a long time. Ask any of the locals, and you’ll get a warm, friendly response to the mention of our name. From our residents to our neighbors to our medical partners – we are unanimously applauded for our local suburban setting, our wonderfully compassionate staff, and our clean, family-friendly facility.

Turn the corner with Big Bend.

By keeping particular focus on short-term rehab residents, we are dedicated to fostering patient independence. That entails more than simply providing exceptional care and an extensive roster of stimulating activities; for us, rehabilitation means rebuilding our residents’ self-dependence and returning them to a life of health and freedom. Start your journey here, and you’ll soon be out of the woods and back on your feet.

Improvement is our middle name.

Big Bend is now a privately owned facility, and we continue aiming at its never-stop improvements. For one, we strive to free up our program menus as much as possible to always offer the most home-like experience. In addition, we’re now completing a sweeping upgrade to the premises, amenities, and activities. Big Bend will continue introducing improvements that are in line with our care philosophy and your ambitions.