Our People

We’re big on the human touch.

At Big Bend, we’re not a system that cranks out services. We are kind, caring human beings who truly value connection, compassion, handholding and spirit boosting. If you know our name, we know yours, whether you’re a resident, a team member, or one of our medical partners. To deal appropriately and respectfully with all manner of medical, familial and financial situations, our staff receives continued training on a frequent basis.

Kim Usher, our admissions coordinator, has been a vital part of the Big Bend team for 15 years now. Over that time, she has admitted, cared for, and helped rehabilitate both of her parents-in-law. When asked to sum up our facilities and caregivers, she always responds with the same unequivocal line: “If I chose Big Bend to care for my family, the team will surely exceed your expectations for your own family’s care.” Enough said.

InTouch: Heeding everyone’s needs.

Our compliance program embodies our commitment to honest and ethical practices that comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations. Our InTouch initiative goes beyond that by offering a voice to Big Bend residents, families, and employees. We encourage you to approach management onsite with concerns, but welcome you to call 1.844.TELL.BBW 24/7 if you feel a need to speak anonymously.

Your feedback, suggestions and compliments are welcome, and any issues are handleddirectly by upper management.