Healing you all the way home.

Behind every personalized treatment plan is our goal to return you or your loved one home. While some facilities limit therapy to just 5 times a week, Big Bend is known for 6-7 therapy days every week of the year. Whether a resident is recovering from a stroke or regaining mobility following hip surgery, our signature rapid-delivery therapy has proven to speed up the healing process and achieve the best rehab outcomes.

Care beyond medical matters.

From our top-notch caregivers to our housekeeping staff, the services we provide help residents of any age to pursue their full potential. Every team member takes pride in the work we do here. Because no matter the situation and no matter the medical condition, our residents always come first and are served first.

All for one. All for one goal.

At Big Bend, progressive treatment and rehabilitation services are administered through our inter-department network of highly trained and compassionate physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, nurses, and physicians. This close collaboration places you front and center. All our talent and all our attention is focused on you and our ultimate goal:

your speedy recovery.